Website Content & Search

There are several methods to profit from the internet. By monetizing search page results of your site is one of the most common ones. Companies like Google make a lot of money with it, but, exactly, what does "search monetization" imply? And how do you go about doing it? These days, the term "monetization" is thrown about a lot. Everyone who runs an online business wants to make money from their website, app, e-commerce site, or content. All efforts to convert visits, downloads and clicks begin with the goal of profiting from traffic.

By adding search monetisation on your website and redirecting traffic to search page results is one of them. A search feed is more than just a search bar on a website. It gives you results from all around the internet. You can earn a commission each time someone searches something by implementing a monetized search box. Also, most common and very good converting one are so called Search blocks that are related to actual content that could lead to new Search page results