Extensions & Add-on

Extensions for your browser make your job easier and faster.

Extensions for your browser make your job easier and faster. That's why there's an extension for practically anything you can think of. The Chrome Web Store presently has over 200 000 extensions. If you market your browser extension correctly, it may be a reliable source of income. We'll teach you how to monetize your browser extension in this post.

How Do Browser Extensions Make Money?

Digital items allow you to increase brand awareness while also driving income. Because extensions are designed to make work simpler and alleviate issues, they improve the user experience and increase brand loya lty. Extensions most often earn money by selling the extension, inserting ads, or via affiliate marketing or most commonly in affiliate industry - search monetisation Of course, the best form of monetization will be determined by your target demographic and users behavior.

What happens next?

You can plan how to generate money from the extension after you know who your user is and how they will use it. If you have done your research, you should know which browser to target with your extension by now. Bringing users to install can be done via many advertising networks. In case of SearchTag.io we are focused on enabling search monetisation for Extensions via New Tab or Omnibox (address bar)